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Thishuna Perera

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Thishuna Perera is a State Award Winning Actor and Broadcast Journalist. He has 18 years of experience in the field of acting and is Currently pursuing his higher studies in Mass Media

The journey

In 2003 he made his first television debut with a small role in the teledrama “Eka Ittaka Mal” and became the most prolific child actor at the time when he won the State Award for Best Child Actor in 2012. It includes more than 70 teledramas, 14 films and 12 commercials.

He had a passion in the field of television since he was a child, and he had the dream of becoming a television cameraman and he drew his dream of becoming a television cameraman for the competition and he won a computer set from an  island-wide art competition, At that time Pentium 4 computers in Sri Lanka were used only for multimedia purposes  such as Video editing.

Thishuna Perera painted this dream on his mind when he saw the crew of professional Television Cameramen at ITN while he was attending for an interview.It happened when he was just 7 years of age and from then till now his passion was working in the field of Television editing and production.

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Child Actor – State Television Awards Ceremony 2012

Role – Podi Vibhuthirathna (Swayanjatha Teledrama)

  • Jury Special Award – Raigam Tele Awards 2012

Role – Podi Vibhuthirathna (Swayanjatha Teledrama)

  • Jury Special Awards – Signis Awards 2012

Role – Podi Vibhuthirathna (Swayanjatha Teledrama)

  • Honorary Award – Minuwangoda Cultural Art Center   (in Age 13)
  • Honored ‘VIKASITHA PRASADANI” (in Age 13)

Famous Projects

  • Weda Beri Tarzan 1
  • Weda Beri Tarzan 2
  • Mathisabayata
  • Raassa Kele
  • Kurumittek Awilla
  • Bonda Meedum
  • Swayanjatha
  • Piyasa


Video Editing
Motion Graphics Designing
Live Sound Engineering
Event Management
Broadcast Engineering
System integration ( Tv and Radio )